CEO Message

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to our Customers for their unflagging support and encouragement. Eversince its establishment in 1998, Aktchaya Industry has stayed on a course of management innovation and technology development in an effort to deliver new value to our esteemed Customers. Our Customers support all along deserves a special mention here without which attaining this priced position would have been an uphill task. We dedicate our success in realizing this amazing growth due to our most esteemed Customers. Moving forward from hereon, we are renewing our pledge to Customer-focused management and Customer satisfaction to further build our relationship of mutual trust with Customers and bring even greater value creation.

Aktchaya Industry has retained its industry leading position by manufacturing and supplying precision components catering to various industries including Automotive, Industrial Valves, Die Casting Industries and remaining firmly committed to the belief of manufacturing only the best quality products. Based on our Quality-first principle, we have readied the foundation to take the next step to becoming a leading global company. The path is clearly defined and laid out before us as we strive for to scale greater heights.

Today the world is changing at a speed and intensity never seen before. Expectations are higher and the demands to deliver Qualilty products on Schedule are even stronger. Delivering and exceeding our Customers expectations has been very much a part of our working culture. We are proud of our business and how we have served our Customers by delivering world class precision components over the years but it is constantly in the forefront of my mind that we cannot for one second rest on our laurels and be content and thereby give room to complacency. We must continue to Innovate and diversify.

And with this urge and vigour, followed by years of expertise, we are taking another leap forward to a greater new future foraying into Aerospace Industry which we believe has huge untapped potential. Though in its nascent stage in India, the opportunities are overwhelming and we firmly believe that over the years to come we would stand as a pioneering industry making a mark in the rapidly evolving aviation and Space sector.

We are now strengthening our core competencies gearing ourselves and expanding our business for the coveted second take off. A great challenge lays ahead of us which I am sure will be taken with equal or perhaps greater commitment and zeal. It is a dream which I dare to give momentum and our efforts would uncease until our goal is reached.

I am certain that the ongoing support from our Customers for vision of Aktchaya Industry and faith in its capabilities will motivate us to overcome any of the challenges that lie ahead.

I solicit and anticipate the unwavering, continuous support and assistance from our most esteemed Customers.

Thank You Very Much