Company Profile

About the CMD

M/s Aktchaya Industry was established in the year of 1998 by Mr. S M Srinivasan, an Indian Air Force retiree. Aktchaya Industry has come a long way from its humble beginning to become a leading manufacturer and supplier of high precision machined components. The Founder's vision of establishing an industry with a concept of "P-2-P" — "Pre Machined to Precision machined" components has borne fruition in the true sense.

This could be achieved only by his unceasing efforts, technical innovations and extremely hard work. His dream of bringing in wide range of machineries with multifarious capabilities under one roof stands realized today. Aktchaya industry, in its present form, stands today as a tangible testimony to the extreme and persistent hard work put in by our respected Founder and Leader. Following the path of technological excellence and customer servicethe Industry has been led and steered by the founder to grow into a speciality unit which is now capable of catering to the high quality demand arena like the Aerospace and overseas Automotive manufacturing units. Dedicated Customer service, relentless measures to achieve Quality, adoption to modern technologies and effective Human resource and material management has helped the Company to grow from Strength to Strength.

Today by the able guidance and "lead by example" quality of our CMD, the company holds its head high with a sizeable annual turnover which is bound to increase exponentially in the years to come.

About the CEO

The CEO, Mr. Sashi Kumar is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and has been associated with M/s Aktchaya Industry for the past 10 years in various capacities. He has envisaged a vision for the Company to become a leading Aerospace Components manufacturer in the days to come and is tirelessly working towards achieving that vision. A true leader with inborn leadership traits and motivational skills, he heads a team of highly skilled and motivated group of youngsters who share his passion for Innovation, Improvisation and Quality. At the helm of the Aerospace project of the Company he is sure to lead the Company to greater heights without compromising Quality or Schedule.